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Jul '05 - Jul '05

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    Week 3

    By Evan Sharp
    Jul 10, '05 11:03 PM EST

    11 pm on Sunday, big model and plan and sections due tommorrow at 1 pm and they're kicking us out in an hour! Thankfully I have almost 1/4 of the model completely finished...only 3/4 more to go...

    The studio only seems to get busier as it gets later...and we've all done this enough now that it just seems normal, we've learned make sure we eat and drink...

    Third week went by fast, probably because we had off for the fourth. We got our second of three 2 week projects on tuesday, and we've had a different model due just about everyday...

    Our project is to design a residential space for two couples on one plot of land, they showed us several examples, such as MVRDV's two-family home and an intiruging two-color Koolhaas that I can't remember, among others...

    Let me just say that I LOVE Gund hall...the studio here is an incredible space, its deisgn injects a great amoung of energy (and fun) into doing work...

    Pictures soon!


    • AP

      sounds like you feel better already...good stuff

      Jul 11, 05 12:55 pm

      hey guys, this is justin. i read my friends' (jerry) post from week two and man, it was really harsh.

      keep it up evan. i'm also at cornell and i'm having a lot of fun here doing arch work. i really really enjoy it just like you do. we're with you.

      Jul 11, 05 5:42 pm

      Damn kicking people out of the studio - I'll never get that one, I'd sneak inside to get my work done.

      neither sleet nor snow - Like a fricking postman I am

      Jul 11, 05 7:26 pm

      glad youre liking cd so far. and i agree, the studio space in gsd is great. it reminded me of a greenhouse. i liked to go out to the side and sit on the stairs drinking crappy vending machine hot chocolate in the morning.

      Jul 11, 05 9:36 pm

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