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    Beautiful Things from an Interiors Perspective

    Ivana Carbajal
    Apr 26, '21 11:45 AM EST

    The Spirit of a Space 

    For more than a year, we’ve all been isolated within spaces to preserve and maintain our health. Our chairs, beds, sofas, dressers, and tables have kept us company while we continue to move through life. Now, I ask you: Have you taken a good look at the details of objects that surround you, or are they simply there to take up space? Whether those objects have been hand-me-downs, impulse buys, found objects, or hyped-up waitlisted products, the value is determined by you — the one in the possession of the object. These things are there for a reason. The beauty of interiors is the personality of the environment and how the objects within it emulate a spirit that affects those who occupy it. 

    Recognizing Beauty as an Emotion

    We all grasp a different image of what beauty can be. My definition of beauty will most likely look different from yours. And while we all perceive beauty in different forms, the feeling of beauty is something we all share. I can stare at Mark Rothko’s canvases and feel an emotional and sad response of beauty that overwhelms me, whereas watching the final moments of a saturated yet dimmed sunset reveals an emotion quite indescribable and breathtaking. Beauty as an intuitive emotion goes beyond aesthetics. It comes as a result of a personal connection. 

    Beauty’s Effect on Happiness

    So, if we surround ourselves with beautiful objects, will it improve our lives? Potentially, yes. From a self-help perspective, if we surround ourselves with positive people, we can then become a more positive individual as a result. The same can go for the objects around us in our homes. Why do we wait until having company over to bring out our favorite glassware or hold off on using our nice furniture in fear we’ll only ruin it? Let’s enjoy what we surround ourselves with to maximize the joy we get out of them. Beautiful objects aren’t just defined by a superficial aesthetic or just by being pretty, but by the spirit or soul it attains. We can look at how Japan has deepened its connection of everyday life and the spiritual world through Animism, a Shinto-informed belief that a soul lives within all existence. I believe that in surrounding ourselves with objects that inspire us or lift our spirits, we allow happiness to bloom into our overall well-being.  

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