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    The Architectural Language of a Place

    Aileen Zaldana
    Mar 15, '21 1:55 PM EST

    How do certain types of architecture become so unique to its place? By unique, I mean the almost instant recognition of a region by looking at a building maybe in a photograph, movie, commercial, etc. There tends to always be something that transfers you to that location whether you’ve been there or not when you see these buildings, but maybe even more specifically the language they transmit.

    Cyclades Langauge

    To begin let’s take a look at the Cycladic, modern architecture from Santorini, Greece. Anyone who sees these beautiful white homes can recognize Greece. Significantly the northwestern tip of the city, a village which is Oia. These homes are so unique to the island with its whitewashed, island like structures carved into the clifftops. The Cycladic style functions are meant to be oriented to the southeast to receive a vast amount of natural light. Painted in white, the thick walls of 60-80cm are meant to protect from the strong coastal winds and extreme heat. Greece is almost instantly recognized when seeing these famous pieces of art because they are so unique to its location and region. The language that these pieces of art transmit is a sense of relaxation, and almost peace.

    Oai, Greece

    Oai, Greece

    Catalan Gothic Langauge 

    Moving to the West of Europe to Spain, directly into the beautiful city of Barcelona we get Catalan Gothic. A full 360 away from the Cycladic that Greece gave us. In Barcelona a beautiful landmark that no doubt is recognized anywhere, is the unfinished masterpiece by Antoni Gaudi The Basílica de la Sagrada Familia. This alluring basilica made out of various sandstones, granites, and concrete is such an important piece to the city of Barcelona. One of the main attractions of tourism and maybe even the heart of the city for architecture. Having such a significant and important beauty like TheSagrada Familia kind of speaks for the city itself. It immediately transmits Barcelona as being this gothic and historical city from seeing one main piece of its architecture. 

    The Basílica de la Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudi

    The Basílica de la Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudi

    Significance of Architecture

    These are only a couple of architecture landmarks that are so significant to its place, and region. There are many more that can be easily spotted out and identified to its city. Architecture is such a magnificent thing that sometimes we don’t realize that one significant building style can identify that whole regions language.

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