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    No, REALLY it's Over: Ende Neu [Ode to Kevin Smith and Joisey]

    By b3tadine[sutures]
    Dec 31, '19 8:23 AM EST


    My love for you is like a truck, Berserker
    Would you like some making fuck, Berserker
    My love for you is like a rock, Berserker
    The Berserker is just so obscene
    Likes evil people you know what I mean
    He takes your soul and then just rips you apart
    He'll steal your heart

    Would you like to smoke some pot, Berserker
    My love for you is ticking clock, Berserker
    Would you like to suck my cock, Berserker
    Would you like some making fuck, Berserker

    Ende Neu

    Goodbye Hallo
    Insel zu verschenken
    Nur kein Neuland mehr
    Lass' andere auf Trampelpfaden
    Mit Steinchen hinterher
    Wir werden was wir sind, und:
    Ende Neu
    Einst neue Bauten
    Auf der Insel eingestürzt
    Tür zu! Wir tanzen weiter
    Engumschlungen nur
    Halt mich fest an den zwei Worten:
    Ende Neu
    Wir kennen uns schon lange
    Der Phönix und ich
    Ich lehrte in zwei Worte
    Damit er mit mir spricht:
    Ende Neu
    Goodbye Hallo
    Nimm zwei:
    Ende Neu
    Ende Neu

    Ende Ende Ende Neu
    Insel zu verschenken
    Nur kein Neuland mehr
    Wir nehmen etwas Anlauf
    Und machen einen Satz so gross wie New York
    Und schöner als die Sonne
    Zum Geschenk
    Einen Satz mit nur zwei Worten:
    Ende Neu

    Clerks: Berzerker
    Ende Neu

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    • Happy Anarchy

      meh, beta is a fake news gumshoe.

      it appears your umlauts were not showing up.

      funny story, russian intelligence is very basic (like junior high 'merican), but i like show-up at dudes house in Long Branch/Red Bank (circa 2018) after visiting a dude in Tinton Falls or something that clearly worshiped Satan (even had like elf ears and he has just read this (hacker type)) (bruh, you like the HVAC design? go worship satan somewhere, and cut your architect a check...) ...anyway, I go in with the wife, a russian artist who bought the house for the hot 70's skylights and then I enter the basement and see like five+ 3D prototyping machines and a toilet.

      I'm russian, I use Apple IIe, toilet, and a family of 3D printing machines to do what?

      I wave at him from the front porch and state my presence.

      His wife goes - he genius

      bald dude rolls in says nothing and stumbles by.

      the end.

      I'm always amused by the dumb russians living in Montclair.

      has anyone asked the question, to whom hath the russians served as bitch? (slavs)


      Jan 5, 20 12:17 am  · 

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