Constellations of Tijuana

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    Fieldwork starts

    Orhan Ayyüce
    Jul 2, '17 2:07 PM EST

    Partial model by Jesus Serrano Figueroa

    Into the third week, our documentation and the ideas for the format are becoming clearer. We start to do the fieldwork and the final exhibition is slowly forming. Among other material, team member Jose de Jesus Serrano Figueroa developing 3D prints of the constellations superimposed onto a large map of Tijuana.

    There’s a synopsis of the project by me towards the end of this Sessions podcast and we are collecting field information with a drone circling the areas we are documenting and piecing a video of the project.

    There is a reaction from my friend and the friend of the project Tijuana architect Carlos Gamino about last week’s Colosio post for connecting Tijuana with violence. Perhaps rightfully but that wasn’t our intention as it was an example of narratives we are developing, and they don’t necessarily dwell on violence. Tijuana is a relatively peaceful city with lots of music and culture. There, as I promised him to bring some clarity.

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