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    Driving Profits Through Architecture

    Eric Wynkoop
    Jun 3, '16 1:17 PM EST

    Driving Profits Through Architecture


    In the late 20th century corporate leadership elevated the human resource department to a corporate leadership level.  Intuitively realizing the vast profit center that exists in human potential. HR was the answer in how to engage employees at a visceral level, and with a two way track of feedback to the corporate office, it seemed like ‘the’ solution. This may still be the internal answer, but in the 21st century the external solution all starts with your structure.


    Architects design structure, but more than just buildings it is all inclusive. Architects are thought leaders by training. They study sociology, science, engineering, art, history and are on the leading edge of thought in technologies, or are left behind. Why is this important? Because every business incorporates, at some level, all of these factors.  As an example let’s examine an open letter to the McDonald's Corporation:


    Dear McDonald's Corporation,

    As a frequently busy executive, who needs a healthy fast food option, I would love to speak with you about revitalizing your brand. It has one of the worst reputations, currently, right behind Walmart. This can be corrected through the careful execution of an architectural plan. Buildings? ...No, architecture.


    Architecture, when practiced correctly, is the study of people, patterns, motivations, sustainability, site, psychology, relevant data, and hard science. No other profession has this diverse of a repertoire to draw from, which makes your business more successful.


    Let's start with the structure. You cannot even start a kiosk business without a designer of the kiosk.  Now let's move to food, everyone knows people eat with their eyes. People see your building before they ever venture inside. Now let's talk about environment: Is the interior of your restaurant scientifically designed to encourage the enjoyment of your food?


    Now,  let's move to sustainability and reputation: Is your food wholesome? If not, Why? With over 100 million Americans pre-diabetic, is your food encouraging this abhorrent trend, or healing people through nutrition. The only reason for poor food quality today is the ignorance of staff chefs, on how to prepare healthy and popular foods,  and the misguided greed of corporate policies. Good food today is about flavor, not grease. It’s about vegetables, with brussel sprouts all the rage in trendy restaurants, and with eggplant fries 10 times more delicious than white starch potatoes. It’s also about trying. A company has to try to change, and change is hard. That's okay, because architects are change agents too!  Architects are always thinking about what's next, and the best are embracing the latest science and technology to deliver it to masses.


    It all comes down to project management.  An architect has the experience, training and education to lead the entire profit project.  From the who: who are your customers?  To the what: change into what?  Then the when: the answer is always --NOW.  To the where: as in best location.  And, the why: as in why change?  And finally, the how: as in the architect’s prescription for success.


    All restaurants need to know that when it comes to a great restaurant, you can spend millions, but regardless of it being fast food or fine dining, ultimately it's the the FOOD that matters. That is why a comprehensive design strategy, which includes overall business consulting, from design to delivery and into maintenance, is always best provided by a skilled architect.


    In architecture, we don't just design static buildings, we design living profit centers. Through the careful use of sustainable strategies, scientific data, experienced business acumen, with the ultimate goal of improving people's lives. McDonald's need to find a great architect.

    Eric Wynkoop has a master of architecture degree, and practices on the central coast of California.  He can be reached at

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