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    Why are you running "Away"?

    sha sulaiman
    May 30, '16 7:03 AM EST

    "Why are you running away?"

    Sounds like a weird question, well i am getting pretty used to it.

    people started questioning about my dailies , "where are you?", "what are you upto?"

    but once they realize that i don't like being stagnant and that i wander a lot, phrases like "you travel a lot" and "why are you running away from your life?" started popping out.

    for those who questioned me with these, i would say,

    "Yes, i am running Away".

    "i don't like being a mainstream"

    Life isn't supposed to be lived in a particular place, why not migrate? why not wander around? I don't mean that we have to live a nomadic life, Yes, Travel but not for too long. Everything has to come back to where it belongs, so do we.

    I wrote this blog, because a girl told me to stop running away and live life, well i have to answer her too "Yes, I am running away"

    but i am running towards something new, something exotic.

    so that i could look back and say that i did crazy things.

    i used to go through these travel quotes over my instagram feed, they are sometimes really cool, once i came across a quote "You aren't just meant to pay bills and die" this one didn't go out of my head.

    I love traveling , i would also suggest that everyone should do it too, because it's all about the places we go, the culture we feel, the food we have, and the memories we collect. It feels good to go places though.

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