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    Accounts nightmare now dream

    Joe Emanuele
    Apr 10, '16 7:11 AM EST

    Well, contrary to what I preach, I have been slightly remise in my accounts, putting if off because I am too busy. I use a wonderful finance system called Xero and being a one man band just really have bank payments as expenditure. Its simple but I still had 300 bank payments to reconcile, mostly parking, train fares and coffee. Xero imports all of these transaction straight from my bank. Great, but them I have to find the receipt, number it, file it, and match it. Hence over 300 of the. However, I have found a saviour, Receipt Bank. You take a picture of the receipt, it files it, it transfers it to Xero with most of the coding completed and you throw away the paper receipt. I was sceptical until I took a picture of a petrol receipt, old wrinkled and faded. It captured it, after one entry knew it was a petrol receipt and coded it to motor expenses. Any way, nearly up to date!!!

    Any info please feel free to contact me. 

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This blog is to engage with the profession as to which systems staff actually use, what are the challenges and what should we want from a system. For too long, the profession have had to put up with second rate software, designed for generic "professional services" firms. The result is often that these systems are not used for the critical task of running projects financially. What do we want systems to do?, do we want to resource weekly or monthly - or at all?

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