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    The End of a Tradition

    Nicole Doan
    May 27, '15 11:25 AM EST

    For as long as I have been a student at Cal Poly Pomona, there has been a tradition of showing a dance video during the end-of-the-year Bauhaus Ball. In the past it has been a fun display of our silliness throughout the endless days and sleepless nights, but these past two years have been a forceful attempt to record reluctant, exhausted students as they half-heartedly wiggled their bodies. As the reluctance heightens, the more we are willing to let go of a tradition.

    Last year, Zachary Green and Samuel Rubio invited me to assist them in a separate video project, on top of the yearly dance video. "Night", in some ways, was a tribute to the graduating class, acting similarly to the first several dance videos. This year, Sam and Zack have once again taken it upon themselves to create a second short film to end not only the school year--my last year in undergrad--but also the possible end to the Cal Poly Pomona dance video tradition. 

    Bauhaus dance video 2014 - Produced by Katarina Kushin
    Night - Directed by Samuel Rubio, produced by Zachary Green

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    • The Night video is very beautiful, I enjoyed it.

      May 29, 15 10:41 am  · 

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