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    Always Poop at Work

    Joann Lui
    Apr 4, '15 5:50 PM EST

    Yes I said it. You should always poop at work. This is not an intern thing, not an architect thing; it’s just something that should happen. I know you are embarrassed when that person sitting next to the restroom knows exactly how long you have been in there. You probably also feel sorry when the next person walks into the toilet stall after you. Even if you spray some air freshener afterwards, they know WHY you did it. But there are also good reasons why you should do it like...

    5 reasons why you should always poop at work after the break.

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    • b3tadine[sutures]

      You know, I never thought about it, but now that you bring it up; I will vow to poop at work!

      Apr 7, 15 10:27 pm  · 

      30 minutes to poop, highly inefficient!  funny post, like it.

      had a buddy in high school who would actually sign-out from school, walk the 2 blocks to his house, take a dump, and sign back in. 

      this kind of runs parallel with that microhousing post on the forum.

      Apr 9, 15 1:28 pm  · 

      I worked at an office where they lectured us about not billing bathroom time to clients, you had to put your bathroom time on your timesheet under general office. Usually about 18 minutes cumulative daily for me. 

      Apr 9, 15 4:35 pm  · 

      Ugh, no. I've never worked somewhere that bathroom time was put on your timesheet. That's ridiculous.

      Apr 9, 15 10:54 pm  · 

      Well, depending on how much fiber and coffee I've had that day, I could see myself shitting twice in one day, easily 30 minutes total, especially if you're a shy shitter.

      Apr 9, 15 11:01 pm  · 

      For heaven's sake, why be shy about it?! I recall a discussion on the pregnancy website I followed when I was pregnant in which a woman was lamenting how unpredictable her BM schedule had become since being pregnant and now she was afraid she was going to have to - horrors! - poop at work. My goodness, if you have to poop, you have to poop! Just don't do it at your desk.

      I had a boss once who proudly grabbed the New York Times off the lunch table before heading to the bathroom; I worked in another place where all of us coworkers would exit the one-toilet unisex bathroom, leaving the small window open for fresh air, and say aloud "I wouldn't go in there for a few minutes...". 

      Apr 10, 15 8:31 am  · 

      I'm shy.

      Apr 10, 15 3:17 pm  · 
      Non Sequitur

      but, to which client to I bill my Archinect time?

      Apr 11, 15 7:23 am  · 

      We use a timesheet application to assign tasks to time at work. When they instituted I didn't love it but, have actually found it helpful over time. Yet, I can't imagine having to be so granular that we need to account for our breaks etc. We have "admin" type buckets but use that for ad hoc meetings, copying/printing and such.

      Then again we aren't billing customers (even internal) for our time/work, so maybe doesn't matter...

      Apr 12, 15 8:55 pm  · 

      She forgot the most important reason: The marking of territory. Do it the first thing in the morning when everyone else is getting coffee.

      Apr 13, 15 12:46 am  · 

      I once had a boss with a real..shall we say... discomfort with poop. He would DRIVE HOME every morning at 10 to take a shit, like clockwork. Always made up some excuse, never owned up to it.  We had a single unisex washroom in the office (which he designed) that was ironically on the other side of a wall from his desk, about 5 feet away. 

      A co-worker and I renovated his kitchen one summer, and he made sure that we packed tons of insulation around the drain line in the wall/ceiling, as he "didn't want to hear shit flushing."

      Last but not least, his favourite piece of architecture is an outdoor toilet.

      I've never put these thoughts together before.  Too funny.

      Apr 13, 15 1:10 am  · 

      Thanks everyone. I have to say I love every comment on this.

      If I have to put my bathroom time on the timesheet, do I write "poop" in the comment section? You know instead of "Bulletin #1" or "Client Meeting"...

      Apr 14, 15 2:47 pm  · 

      Number one, Number two or Number three and hope it embarrasses them to the point they stop something so ridiculous as putting it on a time sheet.

      Apr 14, 15 3:20 pm  · 

      Lye__Nerd, what is #3, or dare I ask?

      Apr 15, 15 9:32 am  · 

      Donna, It is Number 1 and Number 2.

      It means you really have to go.

      Apr 15, 15 10:18 am  · 

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