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    MIchael Rotondi interview with Orhan Ayyuce

    Nicole Doan
    Dec 9, '14 1:24 PM EST


    • fantastic! nice overlap in a few moments, between this and the bit from Episode 8 of Archinect Sessions.

      Dec 9, 14 10:40 pm  · 

      also this last bit "the biggest challenge that we all have...not chasing money...the purpose of a value system is to edit out all the choices you have"

      Dec 9, 14 11:02 pm  · 

      That quote about values, love it. Constraints are good.

      Dec 10, 14 12:46 pm  · 

      Nice interview.  Even though Mr. Rotondi would have had flayed me for loving traditional architecture, there where many ideas of his that would benefit elaboration.  Like bringing or preserving the 9 year old into the creative process once you've learned to understand the world.  I especially liked his point about not denying your history.  Many professors would like to see students as a tabula rasa, fearing contamination from preconcieved notions, when in reality, they form the basis of who you are (to that point).  Not working with the native stuff is simply swimming up stream.  The age of Humansim, if only.

      Dec 10, 14 3:27 pm  · 

      @Thayer-D I wonder if this "Even though Mr. Rotondi would have had flayed me for loving traditional architecture" is actually true?

      Especially given as you later note "his point about not denying your history"...

      Dec 17, 14 6:27 pm  · 

      Brilliant interview, at least until "architectural education is probably the best education anybody could ever get", which flies in the face of his prior points. He digresses from there into politics and fantasy or Zoloft-based optimism. Not a dis, just a disconnect.

      Dec 17, 14 9:03 pm  · 

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