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    By debox
    Oct 22, '12 10:01 PM EST


    Maybe Adam and Eve’s Eden had natural housings.  Ideal places to play house, to utilise for liaisons, eating, making contact or whatever.   We don’t know about the daily consciousness of these two unique forebears.  Think of it as the Z factor.  Maybe there was no need for domestic facility.  Food was easy; straight from the trees.  The meaning of ecopicality will unfold – in Z surely personality epitomising ecopicality was rife.  It was pleasant enough to sleep on the grass.  Perhaps the opalescent glow of the night sun refracting through the firmament discouraged sleep.  They were tending the garden in consciousness Z.  Moving a boulder to make a clear area in a place of splendour.  A modification of place to keep optional implements for cracking coconuts and spooning passionfruit.  Domestic developments would be an option.  Sewerage would be negated by perfect eating, or something.  But we really don’t know all about Z.  

    I heard a Maasai say, “God intended us to farm animals by seasonal movement and not by planted boundaried farming.”  We see in this a very significant choice that says no to settled housing.  These people as I write are threatened with flooding and its dire implications for them, which are supposedly justified by the need for a dam to provide water to the houses of others.  They are balanced, fair minded, highly articulate people.  I am certain they understand ecopicality – as  you will.  If it wasn’t for the ways of the built cities Talkabout would know of them not via tv but as faint distant energy in his dreaming.

    Minimum is a practical thing, an abstinence thing, an affordability thing, a fundamental necessities thing, a cultural and social thing, a thing of the mind and a very personal thing.  It is time away from home as much as time at home.  Economy of housing activity – not merely house construction.  Usually it’s most beautiful to the dweller whose economy it is - usually giving some freedom from cleaning, maintenance, building and guilt.  There should always be an option for a person to have a plot of land somewhere practical, where an encampment is allowed to be begun and slowly to grow into exactly what the dweller wants.  An option for a Gallopilong to camp in town.

    Minimum.  It should be the maximum. 

    Oodles of money can confuse and change these values.  And really the only stop on those capitalist sorts of minima is educated acknowledgement of ecology, town planning, hearty needs and environmental beauty - of ecopicality.  Sustainability is a down-to-earth subset of ecopicality.  The global accumulation has surpassed ecological minima.  The bridge is cracking.

    What is minimum for you?  If you are part of a growing sprawl it is too much.  When it comes to eco-minima it’s hard to beat renovation as a limit to your housing activity.

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