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Oct '11 - Dec '11

  • X-Ray WiFi Vision!

    Greg Evans
    Dec 1, '11 2:03 PM EST

    Last night at the Camera-Hacking Night School event at Studio-X NYC, we learned about the WiFi Camera - a series of WiFi signal detectors that uses WiFi signal strengths to map spaces behind impenetrable walls!

    From the website:

    The Wifi Camera is a camera that takes "pictures" of spaces illuminated by wifi in much the same way that a traditional camera takes pictures of spaces illuminated by visible light.

    The camera reveals the electromagnetic space of our devices and the shadows that we create within such spaces, in particular our wifi networks which are increasingly found in our daily lives, in coffee shops, offices and homes throughout cities of the developed world.

    With the camera we can take real time "photos" of wifi (and we're working towards having video too). These show how our physical structures are illuminated by this particular electromagnetic phenomenon and we are even able to see the shadows that our bodies cast within such "hertzian" spaces.

    The untapped potential for mapping cities, buildings, and other enclosed environments is endless with this technology. Maybe Lucius Fox's 3-D sonar visualizer from The Dark Knight isn't as fictional as we thought.


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  • C-LAB: On Tour In Japan

    Greg Evans
    Oct 21, '11 11:12 AM EST

    A recent project I assisted with at C-LAB, led by C-LAB director Jeffrey Inaba and fellow collaborators Björn Ehrlemark and Betsy Medvedovsky, opened in Tokyo, Japan at the Yoshioka Library earlier this month. Intended as a sort of covert take-over of this architecture... View full entry

  • Postcards from New York

    Greg Evans
    Oct 4, '11 6:52 PM EST

    I am awful at naming things, so as usual, I have resorted to stealing song titles. This one has been inspired by the lovely "Postcards from Italy" by Beirut. Since I've graduated from The Ohio State University and have moved on to the so-called "real world," I found it necessary to leave KSA... View full entry

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