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  • UTS 2020

    By SallyHsu
    May 15, '10 8:45 AM EST

    UTS is a city campus, situated uniquely at the gateway of Sydney. The masterplan developed by BVN in 2009 has set of series of development on campus. As an architecture student, this couldn’t be more exciting to see, it is even more thrilling when you own school, the architecture staff, lecturers, local architectural firms even us as students gets great opportunities to participates in this exciting time of change.

    UTS Broadway was the first major international competition of the UTS master plan to cause great discussions and debates. Through it, I was privileged enough to join DRAW to participate in this competition in collaboration with BIG. This could not have been a more exciting opportunity for me to shift from study to work. DRAW is led by John De Manincor and Adam Russell, both equipment with high professional skills across industry and practice, this with academic relationship with local Sydney architectural school, including UNSW, UTS has built a new emerging practice that raises a loud voice in the architectural discourse in Sydney, UTS.

    For all architectural students out there, I believe you would agree, the first job is an important one. For me it was one that made me love the discipline, profession even more each day. Not because it was a comfortable transition but because my eyes opened up to endless opportunities presented right in front of me.

    DRAW recently was awarded commission for the design of UTS hoarding. And excitingly waiting for Great Hall Design Competition to be announced. I have confidence DRAW's scheme will illuminate amongst the competitors. Picking up the commission will mean I would be privileged enough to participate in redeveloping the Great Hall I graduate from.

    Since the Broadway Competition, UTS has also made some big moves. Including successfully commissioning Frank Gehry to redevelop our Dairy Farmer site for a new Business School. As they say it, it will be the first in Australia.

    UTS is considers sustaibility highly. Several projects have been successfully executed in house to practice this.

    External competitions also see projects including LAVA's reskining UTS tower successful illuminate this importance.

    The next entry I will be sharing with you my proposal of the UTS Library in 2020.


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  • the years of architecture at UTS

    By SallyHsu
    May 13, '10 7:13 AM EST

    As the first blog entry, I would like to start by stating UTS is the university I have spent the last four years at. Its an university only as old as I am, and I assure you I am not old, I hope not at the age of 22. The ambitions of this young university and the architectural school is higher... View full entry

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