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    By istmirwurst
    Jul 24, '09 9:23 AM EST

    based on the comments i received from the last post, it seems like there is an implicit assumption that a phd (or any degree for that matter) is of inferior quality to that in the us. i am probably reading into the comments too much, and i blame this on explicit comments i have received from other colleagues educated in the us which suggest as much. part of me thinks, "that’s a shame" and i feel disappointed at the reaction, but the other part thinks, "well i guess i among the few that realise the merits of a british degree". the later is obviously the more desirable position.

    it shouldn't be personal i know, but on so many levels the place you studied begins to define you. at some level you have to allow this and at some level you hope that your work speaks louder than the brand name of your university. newcastle is not harvard, it is not yale, it is not UCLA. i do not contest that. but my issue is that these schools and the schools sitting under the umbrella of the american academic pretension does not seem to differ from the woman in the shop insisting that the hand bag with such and such a name is far superior to this other one...paying no attention to the quality and detailing of both hand bags. plus has anyone ever questioned the necessity of a hand bag (of course someone has) or the necessity of the university name? why isn't all about scholarship for the sake of scholarship?

    a small cheer for academic idealism!!

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  • ncl by wire - 01

    By istmirwurst
    Jul 15, '09 4:25 PM EST

    tis yet another wednesday evening in newcastle upon tyne. nearing to the end of my third year in the northeast of england this americaner is steadfastly losing touch with american pop culture. what a sigh of relief!! with that the university environment here at newcastle is keeping me busy enough... View full entry

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