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    By 4thTimeAround
    May 13, '09 11:10 AM EST

    Hello. This is my first post, so I would like to introduce myself and see if anyone has any suggestions as to what they would like to see here. I am starting the M.Arch program at RPI on Monday, and considering that I have no experience with the resources, I assume that I will skip all the intro stuff that most of you have already gone through. If you are interested in how RPI introduces students who do not have architectural experience to the program, just let me know. I studied a million things during my undergraduate education and ended up with a degree in International Studies and Business Economics from a Northern California University. I subsequently worked for a management consulting firm in New York doing Cost of Living analysis. I am sure that my background will become apparent in many of my posts and I certainly welcome any discussion that you would like to start on architecture from outside perspectives. Really I would prefer this to be more of a discussion, so I hope to spur thought more than anything else and hope that anyone paying attention will also. Thanks for checking in and I will post some campus photos next week. Cheers.

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