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  • Swamped

    By Evan Geisler
    Oct 27, '08 5:40 AM EST

    Practical thinking: Take LEED 2.2 while in school.

    My apologies for a pretty weak blog. I'll try to keep up with the others, but I have my reasons.

    My head is a chopped salad consisting of Coasian, Schumpeterian and Pigovian Theories, Hong Kong case law, a jumble of Cantonese and Mandarin and to top it off LEED Credits, Standards and HVAC formulas. Luckily, I wash it all down with a nice glass of Port every night. (Thanks Dr. Ip)

    Architecture school was so much easier. I miss the days and nights of rubbing collected dirt onto vellum, tweaking splines and nurbs into the morning light, wiping the blood of off the CNC machine, and a coffee and smoke every half and hour.

    I suppose this is a healthier diet.

    Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm not enjoying the program, it's just a major shift from an architecture program. I have absolutely no regrets, in fact, I'm sure that my fellow bloggers, as myself, are happy to be engulfed in the protective arms of Academia right now.

    Reiser + Umemoto are lecturing tonight. It'll be a nice change of mental scenery.

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  • thought process

    By Evan Geisler
    Sep 23, '08 9:09 AM EST

    take a here View full entry

  • It's all around you

    By Evan Geisler
    Sep 21, '08 11:01 PM EST

    There's really nothing in particular to see in Hong Kong, "It's all around you" I'm paraphrasing what I overheard at a bar atop the LKF hotel in Lan Kwai Fung.It's also a Tortoise album which has been on repeat on my BB for the last couple of days. To a certain extent he's right. It's the kind of... View full entry

  • First Weeks Readings

    By Evan Geisler
    Sep 5, '08 2:55 AM EST

    Week One Coase, Ronald H. “The Problem of Social Cost” The Journal of Law and Economics, Vol. 3 (October 1960) Coase, Ronald H. “The Nature of the Firm” Econimics, New Series, Vol. 4 (October 1937) Cheung, Steven N. S. “The Theory of Price Control” Economica... View full entry

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