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  • Animaris

    By chocobowing
    Jan 31, '06 12:38 PM EST

    This is the legendary soda-constructor style machina. I saw it on the BBC once in the summer and never found it again, until just now. Theo Jansen is interested in machining a new nature. And the new building blocks are a bunch of yellow tubes. Theo then took them down to the beach to 'herd'. The 'animaris' series feed on wind (apart from the big fat rhino) and come alive on their own, wandering along the long stretches of sand. The interesting thing is as all the tubes move together, they make those fingernail-on-blackboard squeaking noise mixed with the thunderous rumble of the feet hitting the ground, as if to communicate their new found life.

    Click on 'film' to see clips in the website:

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  • Zaha on TV

    By chocobowing
    Jan 31, '06 12:37 PM EST

    I saw Zaha on TV today, it was a mini interview on More 4 which only lasted 20 seconds. Of course I was excited to the superstar of our little archi-world, Me>> 'OMG! Its Zaha!' My sister>> 'Who?' Me>> 'It's Z... Nevermind' My sister>> 'What is she on about?' Then we... View full entry

  • New semester

    By chocobowing
    Jan 31, '06 12:34 PM EST

    Its the new semester here at the university of bath, we are going to be designing an architetcure school (8 week project) how cool is that!! I ll be sharing all the laughters and tears here at studio bath! View full entry

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