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  • Libraries!....dying breed or cultural necessity?

    By Oliver Bayliss
    Feb 15, '06 2:13 PM EST

    So, my project for the second semester is asking for a new library in Reus, a quaint satellite town an hour or so south of Barcelona where, as it turns out, Gaudi was born. My initial reaction was then how to approach such a project. In an age where the humble book is a slow and cumbersome way of gathering information, are libraries actually needed anymore?

    In some respect the traditional idea of a library may be thought of as becoming extinct, however a fresh new batch of libraries seem to be springing up all over the place. More so then ever, towns or cities seem to crave the presence of a place that acts as a cultural point of reference and in that way maybe the idea of a library has changed? They are no longer thought of as a place of quiet concentration where books are the overriding theme but are now places where people go not to just to read. They go to meet others, listen to music, read the papers and have a coffee. So has the conventional idea of the library changed? Do they now act more as points of social interaction rather then a place to research? Your thoughts please!!

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  • Why do we bother with this university nonsense?

    By Oliver Bayliss
    Jan 2, '06 9:14 AM EST

    Well 2006 is upon us and I think I might take advantage of this time off to write a very long overdue entry to my blog. As I haven't written for a while I'll start with a quick reminder for those who are not aware of what I'm up to. I'm currently undertaking a year abroad, my final year, studying... View full entry

  • Oh I do like to be beside the seaside....

    By Oliver Bayliss
    Oct 15, '05 6:59 PM EST

    Ok, well let me first thank my friend Chris Daniel at the Bartlett. He's seems to be very excited that I'm doing this archinect thing, mostly as it seems so he can see my photography! Well I hope not to disappoint! Let me also say that for someone who takes pictures of absolutely everything... View full entry

  • first photo

    By Oliver Bayliss
    Oct 8, '05 1:15 PM EST requested. nyc 04 View full entry

  • er.....Que?

    By Oliver Bayliss
    Oct 7, '05 4:56 PM EST

    Well I've started my first semester here in Barcelona. As expected my first week was a pretty confusing experience! All notices were in Catalan and all the other students looked very busy whilst I spent the week walking around with a very obvious expression of ¿Que? engraved on my... View full entry

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