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  • A Fruitful Journey

    Jessica Gomez
    May 3, '21 2:19 AM EST

    My future had always been a blurred image up until now. The aspirations I thought I once wanted to achieve never “felt right” as one would say. But as I started to learn and experiment more in school, I found myself getting closer to what really interested me. 

    I first started school with a slight interest in the aesthetics of geometric forms. But as I began to learn more about architecture and its ability to become responsive to a surrounding site, it is when I greatly felt invested in a specific way to design. I have been assigned case studies such as the Jetavan Centre by Sameep Padora & Associates, the Blur Building by Diller Scofidio + Renfro, etc. where I have been inspired by the way these spaces enforce a connection between the occupants and the environment of the site. These inspirations have manifested in recent studio projects, where I have been designing spaces that begin to focus on this type of relationship. For example, in my latest studio project with my partner, Giselle Yeh, we designed a building that amplifies the atmosphere of our site through the materials, dichroic panels and hydrophilic wires. We selected the dichroic panels to reflect sunlight in colors that change depending on the position of the sun. The hydrophilic wires are used as a wall that captures the moisture of fog produced in the area, allowing visitors to touch fog in its condensed state. Designing spaces like these have allowed me to enjoy studio much more as I am learning how an architectural design can establish a relationship between people and the environment.

    In my professional years, I aspire to create physical spaces where the architecture doesn’t disrupt a connection between people and the outside world, rather it creates one. As of now, I look forward to strengthening my design knowledge on new methods and materials that may continue to nourish these aspirations of mine.

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  • What We Can Learn from Guatemalan Homes

    Jessica Gomez
    Apr 12, '21 3:53 AM EST

    Many homes in Guatemala connect with nature in an unintentional yet successful way. A couple of years ago I visited family in Guatemala and stayed at my great grandparents house. The first thing I noticed was the way the house was set up. It’s not the typical house you see here in America. You... View full entry

  • That Random Thing in Your House Could Be Your Inspiration

    Jessica Gomez
    Mar 13, '21 3:53 PM EST

    If there’s one thing we’ve all experienced, it's designers block. Sitting in front of your laptop on Rhino or whichever program you’re using can be the most dreadful thing if there aren’t any ideas flowing through your brain. But what if you took a random object around your house and... View full entry

  • Connecting With Nature

    Jessica Gomez
    Feb 22, '21 8:14 PM EST

    Are we drifting away from nature as time goes by? We seem to find ourselves being dependent of artificial elements by the day. Although our generations continue to advance deeper into the interest of technology and artificiality, it is important to be connected with nature as it can benefit people... View full entry

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