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  • Connecting With Nature

    Jessica Gomez
    Feb 22, '21 8:14 PM EST

    Are we drifting away from nature as time goes by? We seem to find ourselves being dependent of artificial elements by the day. Although our generations continue to advance deeper into the interest of technology and artificiality, it is important to be connected with nature as it can benefit people in different ways. In architecture how might this look like? 

    We can take The Jetavan in Maharashtra, India by Sameep Padora & Associates as an example of connecting with nature. The Jetavan is a spiritual center that serves the Dalit Baugh Ambedkar Buddhist community. The program is divided into 6 different buildings in order to accommodate to the existing trees on the site. This center allows people to connect with nature through its butterfly roof. There are open spaces in between the walls and the roof to visually connect visitors to the trees around the site as well as to provide ventilation. 

    Simple yet thoughtful moves like the butterfly roof allows for a deeper connection between people and nature. People can look above and out to the trees as well as physically feel the fresh air that all the trees produce. Maybe it doesn’t take something that’s big and fancy to make a statement or benefit people, sometimes simple moves can get you further to allow and have a real genuine connection with something.

    During quarantine times, many of us have felt the frustration of being stuck at home and being stuck to the screen all day. It is important to take care of our mental health and be able to disconnect from the artificial world and connect to a pure one. Perhaps we can take our experiences from these unprecedented times and apply them to architecture and design to establish a beneficial and physical connection between people and the environment. 

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