The Familiar Typology

The Suburbs of London, Tokyo and Buenos Aires

  • Wembley

    By nugent_denise_
    Sep 21, '17 4:59 AM EST

    1 As if collaged together, a Hindu temple appears between a small hillside suburban neighborhood of identity-seeking duplexes.

    2 A weathered tiny lion provides just the right amount of royalty for any home. It is also a nice little figure set amongst other simple geometries and surface textures.

    3 Retrofitted lofts with ground-floor store fronts adjust to the neighborhood's demographics. The stores reflect the resident Indian population while the lofts above remain visibly untouched.

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  • Preface

    By nugent_denise_
    Sep 20, '17 8:19 PM EST

    Before officially beginning this blog's studies, I think it's best to give a little bit of context to why this subject is, for me, a worthwhile endeavor.I grew up in Torrance, California, I studied architecture at Cal Poly Pomona, graduating just over a year ago. I moved to Los Angeles and began... View full entry

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As part of the Cavin Family Traveling Scholarship, this blog aims to research the suburban condition as they exist in different contexts: London, England; Tokyo, Japan; and Buenos Aires, Argentina. The prolificacy of suburbia, internationally, serves as a physical archive of domestic norms, political ambitions and topographical responses. This research seeks to decipher how cultural and historical standards have formalized themselves within the familiar context of the suburban home.

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  • nugent_denise_

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