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Oct '14 - Oct '14

  • Why You Should Hire An Architect?

    Nathan Siegel
    Oct 6, '14 11:27 AM EST

    Hi there!

    We'd like to share with you the advantages of hiring an architect. 

    Everyone knows that architects design buildings, but what does it really mean to work with an architect and why hire an architect? Architects provide creativity and technical expertise, for sure. But there’s so much more. For us, when we’re working with a client, we approach the project on a personal level. Developing relationships with clients is rewarding for us, but more importantly, it’s key to helping us understand their expectations for the space, whether it’s their residence or a business property.

    While remodeling or overseeing construction of a property may seem like something an industrious owner wants to manage, the reality is that projects have complexities only an architect can handle efficiently. Strict (and often time-consuming) project management is especially important when high-end, luxurious properties, designs and finishes are at stake. Here are some areas where we architects provide the most value to our clients:

    historic townhouse renovation








    1. Identifying and clarifying project needs – We know the right questions to ask to understand project requirements, scope and budget, and avoid pitfalls. Throughout the process we assess if the design is meeting the client’s needs, and make changes if needed to ensure the successful completion of the project.

    2. Anticipating future needs – Architects can tailor the space to be flexible and adaptable to the evolving needs of its occupants and ever-changing requirements imposed by local agencies.

    3. Leading and managing projects – From the early phases of a project through completion and move-in, we handle schedules of key players, paperwork, permissions (permits), and general librarianship of allproject documents.

    4. Maximizing the investment – Efficient use of space… energy efficiency… incorporating high-end, timeless finishes and materials – these are just some of the considerations that go into our designs to boost the long-term value of the property.

    5. Advocating for the client – Whether we’re shepherding a project through the buildings department and other local agencies or monitoring construction to assure proper execution of the design within budget, we continually advocate for the client. We put our experience to work making sure the client’s best interests are covered.

    6. Keeping an eye on the big picture – Perhaps the most unsung part of any project is that we continually oversee major goals, milestones and details throughout a project. This means addressing concerns of clients, contractors, and sub-consultants to keep everything on track.

    7. Solving problems – Design can be described as the act of creating innovative solutions to unique problems or situations. With innovation often come hurdles. We’re used to this and are experts at avoiding or mitigating issues that may arise during the process.

    8. Making life easier for clients – Ultimately and most importantly, we are here to make things easier for our clients, during what may be a fun yet stressful process for them.

    Our job is done when we’ve created, collaborate, and coordinated the project through to completion and we can celebrate its unveiling with our clients! Any questions, just ask us.

    Hope you like our blogs so far. Care to share with your friends? 

    Until we meet again! 

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  • Architecture Around the World that We Love!

    Nathan Siegel
    Oct 6, '14 11:17 AM EST

    We are an architecture firm in New York City and we also very much appreciate good architecture around the world. We are constantly amazed by our fellow architects, and we see them as our role models.After viewing the architecture projects that we love, care to share the ones you secretly love... View full entry



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