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The spatial configuration of our office comes from the transformation of an originally domestic environment into an office/workshop while maintaining its functional flexibility. The paths, previously confused, are unified in a single trajectory that leads from the entrance area to the service area crossing each room.

The entrance, the only space with a lower height, reveals the single work environment, fulfilling, being a reception area, the functions of: overcoat, storage bench and display board.

The working area consists of a single space longitudinally developed and framed by the custom-made furniture that reveals its function. The only blind not windowed wall houses the bookcase designed as an unlimited growth shelving system, entirely made of iron and assembled in situ. The system is composed of vertical tubular elements and horizontal press-folded panels.

The large table is designed to host six workstations connected by a continuous central bone  for electrical outlets and structurally useful for the connection between the tubular iron structure and the upper wooden worktops. Two storage units are designed to complete the function of the table. They are divided respectively into six complementary modules and two by two surmounted by iron panels anchored to the wall in order to allow, through magnets, the display of visualizations and drawings.

The access to the distribution area happens through a system of double-sided curtains that divides the working spaces from the service area, creating an additional workspace designed as a model workshop and printing hub.

The meeting room also fulfills the function of kitchen thanks to the design of a totally retractable system recessed into the wall. This wall is re-shaped with respect to the original conformation, in order to obtain a built-in shower for the bathroom and to give more space to the meeting area.

Even the choice of materials aims at the clear definition of the working areas also highlighted by a wise use of colors and both natural and artificial light.

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Status: Built
Location: Bari, IT
Firm Role: Architect, project management, works management