Tina Olson

Tina Olson

Milwaukee, WI, US



To secure a position in the architecture field that will further develop my design talents and enhance my architectural education.  While showcasing my diverse set of skills and strong work ethic in order to obtain my professional license.  I have found that in order to be GREAT there is a process. Part of that is knowing your life's purpose and the next step is pursuing it and that is what Architecture/Design is to me!








Freelance Draftsman/Designer, San Francisco, CA, US, Design Consultant

Conceptual Design, Mood Imaginary, Construction Document Sets, RFI's, PD Submittals, Building Code Submittals, Hand Renderings, Inkings, Marketing Submittals, Graphic Design, and Colorist

Nov 2004 - current

Freelance Graphic Designer, Milwaukee, WI, US , Graphic Designer

Graphic Design, Packaging, Personal Identity, Stationary, Business Brochures, Websites, & Business Cards

Aug 2002 - current

Flux Design, Milwaukee, WI, US, Design Consultant

Design/Build, Visual Presentations, Conceptual Design, Space Planning, Historical Research, Problem Solving, Interior Design, Interior Schematics, Painting, Finishing, Budgeting, Bidding/Contracting, Material/Furniture Sourcing and Specing, and Purchase Orders

Feb 2013 - Feb 2014

Dahlin Group Architecture Planning, Pleasanton, CA, US, Intermediate Job Captain

Computerizing all Drawings from Upper Management Designers/Architects, Coordinated CD Sets with Structural & Civil Engineers, City Planning Officials; Trained Staff on AutoCad & a Colorist; Drafted CD/PD Submittals using AutoCad, Photoshop Imagining, Inking/Hand Renderings; Over Each Project from Start to Finish

Jul 2006 - Nov 2008


Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Milwaukee, WI, US, Bachelors, Interior Architect and Design

Residential Design, Work Space Design, CAD Drafting, I+AD Systems - Elements of Design, I+AD Theory and Practice - Human Factors, I+AD Theory and Practice, I+AD Retail Design, I+AD Exhibit Design + Build, I+AD Drawing, I+AD Systems - Lighting, I+AD Systems - Wall Types & Buildings, I+AD Theory & Practices, I+AD Senior Thesis - Schematic Design, I+AD Thesis & Presentation, Architectural Graphics & Portfolio, Codes, Built Systems, Structures, & Details

Aug 2000 - Dec 2004

Areas of Specialization