Bibin Mathew

Bibin Mathew

New York, NY, US


Scintillating Soul

The project was a result of an urban study done at Majestic (Bangalore, India) where the study led to the realization of two entirely different urban fabric separated by a main road (Old Mysore Road). Hence the project program evolved aiming to unify the two vast lifestyles of people by designing a building which becomes a public zone with equal balance of both the lifestyles incorporated. The building dominates with its commercial, exhibition food oriented activities which comprises 50% and the rest being green and open to have a better community experience as well as making the building more sustainable and energy efficient.

The design contains a major central Plaza which acts as an open space which does not have any predefined functions, hence being used by a person's need and the activities surrounding it opening up to the central plaza. The roof being a space frame ETFE and solar glass panels for better efficiency as well as better wind flow in the building due to the openness. Only 3.4% of the building is air conditioned, hence saving 70% of the total energy.

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Status: School Project
Location: Bangalore City, IN
My Role: Architect