Beth Carliner

Beth Carliner

Brooklyn, NY, US


Concrete [i]land

Our team built this 15 foot tall, ceramic tile, steel rebar, and concrete column structure in a slum in Bangkok. The hut is elevated on four columns echoing the stilts elevating the surrounding homes while distinctly projecting itself through its alien-like nature.

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Status: Built
Location: Bangkok, TH
My Role: sound editor, story board developer, design collaborator
Additional Credits: led by New Territories Camille Lacadee and Francois Roche
collaborated with Doug Chen, Linnea Cook, Po Jen Huang, Jakkrit Jannakhon, Stefan Klecheski, Salam Rida, Peter Sepassi, Tracey Weisman, Vongsawat Wongkijjalerd, John Yoon, Min Zhang, and Wendy Zhang