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Berliner Architects

Culver City, CA


Stratford School - Hollywood

Stratford Schools, a very successful Northern California private school, has teamed up with Berliner Architects to design a new private school in Hollywood, it is their first school in the burgeoning LA private school market. The existing 53,000 square foot building is being renovated to now house Pre-K to 8th grade students.To give new branding to the building and add a new energy to the adjoining community colorful window surrounds were added. In order to meet pro forma enrollment numbers dedicated exits were added to a mezzanine level for safe exiting of students in Kindergarten–second grade.
The success of the first school in a new market is crucial and 1200 Cahuenga will provide a solid foundation for future growth of Stratford Schools in the Los Angeles area.

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Status: Built
Location: Hollywood, CA, US
Firm Role: Architect