Giacomo Bergonzoni

Giacomo Bergonzoni

Bologna, IT



Building Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Engineering at the University of Bologna,
Bologna, Italy.

Thesis project: "Stretching the Sky, Design of a catholic church at Ottawa". Mark 108/110



Five Core, Bologna, IT, Co-Founder, Architect, Engineer, Designer

Five Core was founded at the end of 2007 by five students with a new approach to the design process from the University of Bologna (Italy). As Architects and Engineers we found in Computer Graphics a valid tool to speed up and enhance our work and knowledge.
Nowadays, we offer great support and tailored solutions in the field of architecture, urbanism, research and development working with some of the most advanced technologies of Building Information Modelling, sustainable analysis and architectural rendering.

Dec 2007 - current

Luca Ladinetti Architetto, Bologna, IT, Modeler, Graphic Designer

Design for a new Church in San Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna), 3D modeling with Autodesk Revit and rendering with 3D Studio Max.

Oct 2012 - Jan 2013

Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, CA, Researcher

Giacomo’s work at CIMS is presently focused on the CDMICA Project which consists of building on a record of collaborative research in the fields of heritage conservation, and documentation and digital archiving. Specifically, he is involved in the recording of Canadian built heritage and translating it into a 3D model using Building Information Modelling (BIM), Autodesk Revit.

Mar 2012 - Sep 2012


university of Bologna, Bologna, IT, MArch, Architecture and Building Engineering

Giacomo Bergonzoni’s Thesis. University of Bologna, Building Engineering/Architecture, Academic Year 2011/12.
Advisor: prof. Alessio Erioli.
Co-advisors: Prof. Luigi Bartolomei, Ing. Giovanni Berti, prof. Stephen Fai.
Mark: 108/110

Design of a catholic church at Ottawa. Through a careful analysis of the site I have identified special historical, landscape and social-cultural features of the existing church and in the new project I enhanced the strengths of the previous building and I have integrated it with a contemporary architecture. The sacred architecture has been developed with reference to the archetype of the tent that is, from the beginning of Christian salvation history, the temple in which God reveals himself and in which it is present among men: “And the Word became flesh and pitched his tent among us “(John 1,14).

Sep 2006 - Mar 2013

Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, CA, MArch, Architecture & Urbanism

Visiting Scholar, Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism.

Mar 2012 - Sep 2012


Contanima, Outside the Box - International Competition, Nomination

The competition “Outside the Box_Low and High Technologies for the Emergencies” is focused on identifying design ideas for resolving various problems in emergency situations.
At this point in time the emergency has become the norm. During recent years numerous natural phenomena have upset the lives of many communities scattered across the globe. Examples include Fukushima in Japan, Haiti, L’Aquila in Italy and New Orleans in the United States.
The Box is a small temporary structure capable of offering various services: a small space for work, a centre of organisation and meetings for governments or other bodies dealing with and managing an emergency.
A space that is simultaneously a workstation and information centre open to public, with free wifi and internet access to allow to people remain in touch with the rest of the world.
A fundamental role in the elaboration of the design proposal must be entrusted to technology, whether low- or high-tech.
The challenge launched by the Competition is also that of uniting two unavoidable aspects of contemporary design: sustainability and parametric design (the use of parametric modelling software to develop three-dimensional models).


Young Italian Architects - National Competition, Nomination

A Tropical archipelago emerged from the Pacific Ocean, witness of an independent land, stands out from the deep sea to show people real heaven.
Warm extents, powerless compared to the infinite vastity of the ocean, hidden to our eyes only by the limit we call Horizon, which hides us what the inexorable nature prevents us to see.
Like a mother teaching her son the beauty of life following him step by step, waiting for more mature times.
An intense mix of wild disruptive phenomenons and fascinating landscapes delicate like the petals of the “Red fijian flower”.
A natural dynamic balance constantly changing, shocking in some ways, but always symbol of a future reorganization: a vortex, the inevitable meeting of opposite flows merging into a single element, to create a new life, like twin souls fused by the heat of love.
All these elements shape a raging system spreading palpable but invisible tensions, tamed by the well not defined forces humankind has learned to control and predict.
A unique collection, environment friendly, with a strong consistency that elegantly resumes a complex constructive problem still maintaining continuity and functions, due to the fluidity, resistance and flexibility of bamboo.
The entire structure interacts with emotional natural states, like rain and wind.
Soft and gentle lines are in relationship to the environment without affecting the natural habitat.


Areas of Specialization