Ben Mengden

Ben Mengden

Austin, TX, US



Architect  | Planner |  Consultant  |  Geographer

Design, at its best, is solving problems. 

Planning identifies problems, determines resources, and directs a course of action. 

Consulting is communicating and helping.

Geography is understanding our world. 

These are the tools and disciplines I've chosen to hopefully help people and the environment - natural and built, local and global. 

We each get one soul, one life. Let's strive to truly live and love - make things better.

There is still more we haven’t done than what we have, more we haven’t seen than what we have, and more we don’t know than what we do.



Okkem Design, Austin, TX, US, Principal

Feb 2020 - current

HOK, Houston, TX, US, Designer + Consultant

Designer and Consultant - my roles ranged from:
1) Consultant to the client determining needs and possible solutions concerning their real estate portfolio and architecture needs.
2) Designer roles including:
a) Coordinater with broader design team entities
b) Designer at multi-scale (entire site to detail) and multi-phase (from pre-project to CD)
c) Leadership role (e.g. for Site related concerns, QAQC mechanism and format, BIM point person)
d) Planner and Pre-Designer establishing early project design parameters and solutions

Oct 2013 - current

Burditt Land Place Studio, Conroe, TX, US, Designer and Project Coordinator

Designer and Project Coordinator with the Architecture division of a multidisciplinary firm (Planning, Urban Design, Land Management, Environmental Consulting, GIS Services, and Landscape Architecture)
Fire Station and Administration (25K sf DD- CD Harris County Emergency Service District 20)
Rowing Club Boathouse and Park Pavilions & Amenities (12K sf CD - CA The Woodlands Parks Dept)
Multiple Feasibility and Concept Designs; Assisted other departments

Aug 2016 - Feb 2020


The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, US, MArch, Architecture

Sep 2007 - Dec 2011

Areas of Specialization