belen valencia

belen valencia

Madrid, ES



I'm Belén Valencia and I'm a young architect. I'm an imaginative person who loves finding solutions for every kind of project no matter how big or small they are. Architecture is always a place, or no place; it's our challenge to make it as suitable as possible.
I never run out of ideas, and I try to do anything because of something.
My abilities in architecture fields have been demonstrated in my projects, drawing, creating, finding solutions and solving problems. I always try to give my maximum.
I have developed masterplans, housing, small architectures, hybrids, public places, and  sometimes their construction and structures during the degree, always getting great results. I know proffesional life is different, and I can't wait to start!
I'm an architecture believer.
I have experience in team working.
Click to check my CV and Portfolio:
The most remarkable project is my Final Project.
I'd be glad If you give me some personal or professional opinion about my work.
Thank you very much for the attention.



Universidad CEU San Pablo, Madrid, ES, Assistant at Final Project Department

It was an administrative job. But always surrounded by Architects of my University, regulating the workshop activities in the Final Project area.
Preparing exhibitions, learning about all the final projects of my partners and the evaluations of their tutors, and being in touch with all the University activities...All those things were part of my mission.

The most remarkable aspect, was the social activity developed and the opportunity to interact with architecture proffesionals.

Sep 2011 - Jul 2012

Antisarquitectura, Madrid, ES, Project Assistant

I started working there just to collaborate in a competition. It was a transformation of the lowest floors of one University building. I made all the drawings and I participated with my project manager in the concept design. It was my first challenge with a real budget!

Jan 2011 - Jun 2011


Universidad CEU San Pablo, Madrid, BArch, 5 years+ Final Project

5 years of guided studies, one year abroad (Rome) and the last year to develop the Final Project.

My University teach us in many fields, but creative skills and technical knowledge take a really high importance.
I have excellent concept design skills demonstrated in all my challenges.
My drawings are atractive and I work with 2d and 3d designing programs.
Masterplans, desing projects, detail drawings, housing...I've worked in all those fields. I have leadership abilities and I think I can learn about everything quickly.

I realize that working in this field requires a huge degree of dedication, motivation and personality suited to working in teams. My creative and imaginative mind joined to my technical knowledge and my learning desires and cappacities are also important in this task.

In addition I'm an energetic team player and a committed person with real desire to develop my skills.

You can download my last work here

((My final project is located in Hangzhou, it's a long investigation about urban activity, relations in hybrid buildings, and transformable spaces and functions.
It's also a great investigation in construction and structures solutions to make those spaces possible. A culture mall with a designed infrastructure.
When I travelled to China two years ago I felt so concerned about the public spaces in great cities, and because of this I made this long research, in which each aspect of the architecture is developed, and drawn by me.))

You can check my portfolio and CV here:

Sep 2005 - Jul 2012


Students competition. Fresno de Torote, 2nd Place

Rehabilitation of the main square of a village, and some housing planning for a private enterprise.


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