Batul Tinwala

Batul Tinwala

Philadelphia, PA, US



I am a fresh architecture graduate from University of Pennsylvania and am looking to start my career as an Architect/Designer. 

After completing my undergrad degree in architecture, I worked for 2 years with an infrastructure company in Mumbai where I worked on live projects. As I felt my skills were limited as designer I decided to pursue my graduate degree from UPenn. In UPenn I got to explore a new dimension to space making through virtual media that promoted my critical design thinking to another level altogether.

My idea of ideal design office would be the ones that have strong design concepts which are created to address problems. Also I would like to invest all of my time to see some real time projects resulting out of research, concept designing and drawings.



BLT Architects, Philadelphia, PA, US, Architect Intern

Project: Casino, Philadelphia, USA
Contributed in concept development drawings, renderings and presentations.
I am a string team player. I tried my best to switch roles in order to facilitate my team whenever required. Since I was exposed to an international platform while in UPenn, I have developed a strong communication skills.

May 2015 - Aug 2015


Jun 2007 - Mar 2012


72 Hour Urban Action - International Competition, Honorable Mention

Designed and built in 72 hours
Topic- ‘Asphalt Oasis- Create affection with Asphalt’
Secured ‘Most Playful Award’ for effectively creating vibrant reflection of colors on asphalt


Architecture Journalism Competition, 1st Place

Submitted an article on Global Vipassana Pagoda- Iconic category
Secured 1st prize in presentation and 2nd prize in article writing