Bates Smart

Bates Smart

Melbourne, AU | Sydney, AU


106 Flinders Street

Designed for an architectural physicist in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, this space rethinks the conventional workplace vocabulary and its elements.

The brief was to evoke a welcoming residential feel, with the design conceived as a single space to work, meet and entertain.

Bates Smart worked closely with a meticulous and passionate carpenter, Nathan Ray of Multiplex, who essentially hand-crafted the entire space over months of construction.

What emerged from the design process was clarity of space and materiality through the use of a single material for floors, walls and ceilings. A sustainable timber was sourced and used with minimal wastage, by crafting left over timber into furniture and various functional elements like door handles.

Wrapping the space with Douglas Fir timber creates an aromatic sensorial experience that transports you back to nature through the detectable whiffs of pine, offering a tranquil and meditative setting.

Brookfield Multiplex Engineering Innovations Group (BMEIG)
95 sqm
December 2015


  • Intergrain Timber Vision Awards, Best Commercial, Winner, 2016
  • Australian Timber Design Awards, Small Budget, Winner, 2016
  • Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), Workplace under 1000sqm, Highly Commended, 2016
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Status: Built
Location: Melbourne, AU