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By laurenlicklider
Mar 5, '14 9:20 AM EST

RICHMOND, VA (March 5, 2014) – Baskervill is sparking big changes for its clients and industry with Idea Lab, an open-dialogue forum for employees to share their big bold moves, hunches, and what-ifs, and now we're taking these ideas outside our four walls and sharing them with the public. At its root, Idea Lab encourages employees to set aside time from their daily routine and shift their mindset to think about issues facing our firm in new ways.

"Fostering collaboration and lively conversations, Idea Lab empowers our team to use their individual and collective strengths to turn bright ideas into big changes," said Baskervill President Robert J. Clark, P.E.

Starting this week, we'll be offering video snapshots of each Idea Lab on our website, giving outsiders a glimpse into our creative problem-solving process.

Everyone within Baskervill is invited to participate in the biweekly workshops, which are moderated by one person who sets forth a question, problem, or idea for the team as a whole to explore and solve. Baskervill has also begun tapping into local creative talent to help facilitate, inspire, and present Idea Lab sessions. The format allows for thoughtful conversations and increased engagement.

Some Idea Labs are an opportunity for the Baskervill team to share personal stories and lessons learned, while others are the perfect setting for our employees to roll up their sleeves and get to work envisioning game-changing design solutions.

Since Idea Lab began, our team has developed 94 initiatives. Of those 94, seven have come to fruition and 10 are currently being researched and developed, from guest way finding and project management techniques to meaningful client touch points and content development.

"Though Idea Lab starts with our employees, it greatly influences our clients and our partners," Clark said. "It positions our firm as a knowledge-based industry thought leader and is a true testament to the creativity and collaborative nature of our team. We can't wait to see what comes next."

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