Magdalena Bach

Magdalena Bach

Atlanta, GA, US


Mountain Cabin

American craftsmanship fused with Danish architect’s desire for a simple living gives form and shape to this unique mountain cabin perched on top of a North Carolinian Mountain.

The Scandinavian architect, inspired by the serene landscape, set out to create a footprint of three connected structures whose proportions blend seamlessly into the environment, thereby creating a variety of interconnected spaces. The mix of minimalistic detailing juxtaposing raw wood against white walls with tall glass panes and simple furnishings gives this rustic contemporary home its character. Terraces which surround it create a platform for multiple outdoor leisure spaces sheltered from the weather and with gorgeous views. The spaces weave in and out, framing panoramic views of the mountains and lake to blur the boundaries between inside and outside. This unique house brings back memories of the owners’ home living in Denmark and Atlanta by joining two living and building traditions into an experience.

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Status: Built
Location: Topton, NC, US
My Role: architect and interior designer
Additional Credits: Builder: JD Prince
Furniture Maker: Jay Prince
Windows: Pella