Bradley Hoepfner

Bradley Hoepfner

Barrington, IL, US

Project in progress. Will be complete by 7/29/13
Project in progress. Will be complete by 7/29/13

Masters Thesis - Resiliency: Development of Disaster Resistant Modular Housing

This thesis works primarily with the low laying flood plains around the Mississippi River, specifically in Jackson County Illinois, and developed a modular home that could withstand the natural disasters that occur in this area. Many disasters are prone to strike this region of Illinois including; floods toppling over the levees, devastating tornadoes taking out many homes, the constant threat of earthquakes from the nearby major fault line, and finally economic plight.

By no means will this modular home be the one solution to save humanity, but it will be a step in the right direction towards taking a sustainable and affordable path for people that do not have the means to rebuild each time a disaster strikes the land we inhabit. The thesis was created as a model for this region but could be applied and modified to suit the needs of many places around the world.

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Status: School Project
Location: Neunert, IL, US
My Role: Master's Program Thesis