Azhar Abbas

Azhar Abbas

Dubai, AE


National Museum of Qatar

The interlocking disc design by Jean Nouvel is inspired by the desert rose. The space will be a thriving hub for the public, students, and museum professionals. It will redefine the role of a cultural institution, fostering a spirit of participation and providing the conditions for discovery to thrive. Beyond galleries, it provides:

- 220-seat auditorium

- two retail outlets, two restaurants, and a café

- a dedicated food forum, preserving culinary traditions

- research center and laboratories

- a park filled with indigenous plants


The museum is built around Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al-Thani’s original palace – his family home and seat of the government for 25 years.

A Jean Nouvel masterpiece designed to put Doha on the map as a leading city in the world of architectural and engineering. A symbol of Qatar's history paving the way for all construction and design in the future.

Lead the implementation of BIM on the $500 million dollar project. Controlling project collaboration amongst all trades. Coordinating and solving issues, reducing construction issues from 200,00 to zero. Adapting a web-based data sharing platform, enabling leaders to visually track progress in all areas directly from their tablets. Leading a the BIM design team of 50 architects and engineers. Rationalizing and automating the design, modeling, and production of over 80,000 cladding panels. Overseeing the detail design of all double curved interior walls and ceilings. Setting up systems to allow for curation of museum space. Designing landscape and circulation systems in and around the building. Streamlining construction processes by logging and tracking all construction tasks in 3D. Cultivating relations with architects, owners, and project directors.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Doha, Qatar
My Role: Project BIM Lead
Additional Credits: Atiler Jean Nouvel, ASTAD, Hyundai Engineering, Qatar Museums, ARUP, Hill Int