Ahmed Awney

Ahmed Awney

New York, NY, US

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  I always wanted a change  and the hope for adding to humanity and thinking years ahead of time I was  raised in a British international school , called "new Tripoli College". Such a variety of cultures I experienced since I was a kid , gave me a very rich background about different style lives and beliefs, this also planted a rich imagination in my mind, I could speak 3 languages since I was 12 years old , so growing up in this rich and healthy environment made me always seeking the new of the newest ideas , as I always believed that I can make a change.

         I don't have to inherit my heritage , I can always make a new one , and I always believed that this way of thinking is what made us nowadays having what we are enjoying right now from all this technology around us! so if someone would tell the other hundreds of years ago that he can talk to someone else on the other continent while watching him at the same time! or that he can travel to this place in some hours only! the one listening will no doubt think that this guy is crazy and out of his mind, but today it is a matter of fact and we complain about how bad the signal might be or how the flight might delay!  

              My goal of seeking this job is to make a new concepts of design, so it's not going to be only a new design ideas but also a new concept of design, it will change the way we use to think before designing whether this design is for a city, a building or even a piece of furniture ! in this concept I will try to avoid all the obstacles that we had before and I will try to make life more dynamic so anyone living in this place will feel the connection between him and the architectural designs. Doesn’t matter the purpose of using it !!  if it is residential , commercial, community  services or even a school, a hospital, a gym, or a café, this is not only about the building but also the streets, the lights and the whole landscape every single thing that your eye see or interact with while you are living in this place, will affect you directly to make you feel the difference of how it was all those years and how it became now. Not only that but indeed, I also think about climate control, environment-friendly and avoiding traffic by making smooth circulations.

 simply it will be a dynamic design not just a building or piece of furniture !



Clark Patterson Lee, Newburgh, NY, US, Architectural designer

Jan 2019 - current

Kenneth R. Nadler Architects, P.L.L.C., Mount Kisco, NY, US, Architect

3d modeling, rendering and drafting

Sep 2015 - Oct 2016


The Cooper Union, New York, NY, US, revit

Revit & AutoCAD course

Jun 2015 - Jul 2016

New York Film Academy, New York, NY, US, film making

film making HD course

Jul 2014 - Aug 2014

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