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Wind City

Wind City: A Tower Without Air Conditioning

Wind city is a proposal aimed to eliminate air conditioning in a residential tower. The stacked floor are made up of repetitive per-fabricated modules. The floor slab are perforated between the floors to allow cross ventilation in between the slabs. In hot and humid country with air pollution problems, this tower allows natural cooling without drawing the polluted air directly into the indoor. It brings in the air in between the slabs to cool the interior while keeping the pollutants out. It eliminated the need for a filter which has a long term maintenance cost. The rotation from floor to floor creates a dynamic curve with panoramic views while it encourages greater air movement. The roof of the podium also picks up the same wind dynamic while providing access to natural light. The roof is tiled in one direction to allow water collection into the landscape. The entry landscape serves as the grey water pond but also a reflection pool to mirror the tower. Wind City is a design that achieve the balance of efficiency, art and sustainability.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Delhi, IN
Firm Role: Architect