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Aufgang Architects Appoints Shiva Ghomi Director of Planning and Community Development

By jaysims
Jul 19, '19 10:55 AM EST

Suffern, NY, July 19, 2019—Aufgang Architects LLC has appointed Shiva Ghomi as Director of Planning and Community Development.

“Shiva’s impressive experience and credentials ideally match the growing needs of our clients for complex integration of building design in urban planning contexts. Her skills include a keen understanding of the processes for successful applications for zoning variances, construction permits and other environmental, regulatory and bureaucratic challenges,” said Ariel Aufgang, founder and principal of Aufgang Architects, LLC.

Ms. Ghomi was a co-founder of SPARC--Spatial Art and Construction--with offices in Brooklyn and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Focusing on affordable housing, SPARC won a contract to reconstruct over 100 single- and two-family coastal homes in New York destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. She holds a Master’s Degree from the New York Institute of Technology in Architecture and Urban & Regional Design. She also earned a Master’s Degree in Urban Design at Tehran Azad University Science & Research Unit and a Bachelor of Architecture Degree from Tehran Azad University South Branch.

"Aufgang Architects is increasingly called upon for significant urban planning and
community development projects, which are in line with my skills and experience
in large and complex urban design challenges," said Ms. Ghomi.

Established in 1971, Aufgang Architects LLC has earned a reputation for thoughtful, effective, and creative designs for luxury condos, affordable housing, hotels and ambitious preservation projects.

The firm’s portfolio includes large scale urban redevelopment projects that have attracted significant attention, such as the 1,858,000 sq. ft. Peninsula Redevelopment Project with 2,200 high quality, sustainable, affordable units on ten acres in a flood hazard zone in Queens, NY, and the 1,249,000 sq. ft. Fountain Avenue Development Project in Brooklyn with 1,163 units. This neighborhood sized affordable housing complex consists of six buildings including residential, commercial and recreational space connecting and creating a community on the site.

Since 1999 the firm has designed nearly 20 million square feet of built space, including over 14,000 units of affordable housing.