Atmos Studio

Atmos Studio

London, GB



atmos is a multidisciplinary art + architecture + design practice that works across scales and media, from small-scale product-design to large-scale master-plans. 

Whatever the scale, we design memorable experiences; we create immersive, stirring spaces and things, landscapes and moments, that all merge meaning and sensuality. 
We balance big ideas with an intimate attention to detail. We create works that reward attention and close inspection, yet abide in the longer-term memory and tackle the bigger picture. 
We work 4-dimensionally, maximising the potential of any project in both space and time, choreographing users and viewers on multi-sensory journeys through radically new environments. 

Our work is culturally informed, technically innovative, digital yet physical, multi-sensorial, human-scaled - and always aimed at enhancing pleasure. 

Our core architectural work has centred on innovative residential designs, creating articulated, organic and sculptural spaces, often incorporating cutting-edge digital technologies, always conjuring magic from constraints and limitations. We work with all budgets, big or small. 

Our core artistic work has centred on a mixture of lighting, interactivity and data visualisation, offering legible and generative experiences, and enabling users the chance to create extraordinary environments. 
We combine media and disciplines, crossing boundaries to explore new territories. 

Rory Olcayto, deputy editor of the Architects Journal, heralded atmos as “the emergence of a major talent. the coming of a new modernist expression”; Jay Merrick, the Independent’s architecture critic, described one project as “one of the most boldly conceived and executed small projects I've encountered in the past decade...a masterclass” Our work has been described as “brilliant” (Sunday Times), “show-stopping” (FT), “stunning” (House & Garden), “genius” (superyacht design), “sublime” (NEO), “extraordinary” (Metropolis). 

Our studio has a very broad range of skills. We have a wide range of experience in working with all sorts of clients, environments and media, from buildings to installations, landscapes to videos. We are open-minded and collaborative, and have enjoyed a rich history of partnerships with a wide range of talented fellow artists and architects, programmers and fabricators, chefs and engineers. 

We avoid repetition and house style; we love researching and implementing new ideas; we love a challenge. We love drama, interest, technology and novelty; we are neophiles. We regard every project as an opportunity to innovate, and rigorously test new ideas. 
We believe the most important thing is to touch people; to offer moving experiences that change their world view, and enhance their life.


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