Christos Athanasopoulos

Christos Athanasopoulos

New York, NY, US

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Senior Architect, offering over 20 years of progressive experience in delivering distinct and significant projects for diverse industries, prolific exposure in handling key positions such as Project Manager, and Design Director; acknowledged for outstanding skills in leading and developing teams, aligning and matching views and priorities of clients, balancing needs and business vision.


Nobutaka Ashihara Architect PC, New York, NY, US, Project Manager, Construction Administration

Nobutaka Ashihara’s firm specializes in the planning and design of high-rise hospitality projects. Contributed to design, and project deliverables, serving real estate investment, and development clients
> produced and developed thorough architectural planning, design development, and details
> worked with consultants, construction management, and regulatory agencies to meet overall objectives

 27 Story Hotel in West Midtown NYC 134,000 SF 299 Key 2017 DDCD
 27 Story Hotel in South Midtown NYC 68,000 SF 176 Key 2017 CDCA

May 2016 - current

Goldstein Hill & West Architects, LLP (GHWA), New York, NY, US, Senior Designer, Construction Administration

Goldstein, Hill & West Architects work on the planning and design of high-rise residential and hospitality buildings, retail structures and multi-use complexes.
Working in concert with PM, and engineering disciplines, with a direct reporting function to the Director of Design, responsible for managing the creative direction of design related efforts for current projects.

> participated in client relations and business development; performed work of complex scope
> accomplished results through subordinate design leads and other experienced architecture staff
> job-site visits, submittal review, RFI responses, phone clarification, preparation and client meetings
> provided project team coordination, specification and material selections required for construction
> worked with consultants, contractors, and regulatory agencies to meet overall project objectives

 26 Story Rentals Tower in Brooklyn 250,000 SF 420 Units 2016 SD
 67 Story Rentals Tower in Long Island City 968,000 SF 821 Units 2016 SD
 78 story Condominiums Tower in Long Island City 1,130,000 SF 743 Units 2016 SD
 60 Story Rentals Tower in Long Island City 500,000 SF 477 Units 2017 CA
 13 Story Rentals Tower in Williamsburg 100,000 SF 82 Units 2016 CA
 25 Story Condominiums Conversion in NYC 400,000 SF 125 Units 2016 CA

Jun 2015 - May 2016

Path ARCHITECTURE, Athens, GR, Principal, Partner

Co-founder of Path Architecture, a boutique design/design-built firm completed to date a broad range of projects, in a short activity span. Engaged in seven new ground-up constructions, and numerous renovations commercial, mixed-use, high-end residential

> directed original, innovative, and sustainable designs, which multiplied the return of clients’ investment, and featured in a plurality of professional journals, earning highly positive reviews
> kept lead role in various joint real estate development projects, teaming with upcoming local companies and brands, active primarily in construction, hospitality, and retail
> full responsibility for scheduling, quality, cost, construct-ability, control, and local market premieres, including a high performing composite building enclosure of hand-set quarried stones anchored onto a secondary wall framing system, as upgrade to the traditional techniques, or a thematic curtain wall facade with full silk-screen printed structural glazing
> involved in all project phases, from schematic design through construction administration, supervising a high performing team of ten architects, designers and construction managers
> directed associate engineering firms, specialty consultants, real-estate auditors and lawyers for projects with complicated zoning & building code regulations, and construction specifications
> coordinated and oversaw day to day construction, client billing and correspondence and delivered most of the projects on time, and within budget constraints, being awarded by returning clients

Key Projects
 Retail Chain Department Store in Crete (conversion) 11,000 SF $1.0M 2009 Compl.
 Landmark Department Store (renovation) in Athens 160,000 SF $22.5M 2008 SD
 City Hotel in Sparta (renovation) 45,000 SF $2.2M 2008 DD
 Advertising Group Headquarters in Athens (conversion) 33,000 SF $3.1M 2009 U/C
 Residential Development in Athens 12,000 SF $4.5M 2010 SD
 Family House in Athens 6,000 SF $1.0M 2013 Compl.
 Vacation Stone House in Euboea Island 3,000 SF $0.7M 2013 Compl.
 Family House in Brooklyn (renovation) 4,700 SF $0.5M 2014 DD
 Restaurant in Staten Island (renovation) 10,000 SF $2.0M 2015 DD

May 2005 - Dec 2014

AETER Architects, Athens, GR, Associate Director

AETER is one of the leading firms in Athens, engaged to a number of the most prominent projects in Greece, during the last two decades, including Olympic Venues, Concert Halls, Malls, and Five Star Hotels and Resorts.The firm is now managed by LEEAD Consulting. The group is made up of Greece's finest engineering, construction contract and project management companies with long-standing experience and high quality expertise in the fields of Project Design, Project & Construction Management and Contract Consulting.

Project management and design team leadership for a diversity of medium to large scale projects.
Senior role included liaising with clients, accelerating scheduling, overseeing budgets and determining cost effective solutions; promoted through a series of increasingly responsible positions, managing the design, permitting, and quality, overseeing construction documentation, performing site visits
> managed multiple phases of major projects; led or supervised a team of five to twelve architects and designers, including recruiting and benchmarking evaluations
> accomplished resource objectives by selecting and scheduling project teams; planning and reviewing job contributions/compensation actions; enforcing procedures;
> achieved operational objectives by contributing information and recommendations to plans and reviews; setting strategic goals; preparing and completing action plans; implementing quality standards; resolving problems, completing audits and determining improvements; e.g. resolved challenge to save unexpected archaeological findings by leading the revision of a complex Olympic Venue master plan under critical time constraints
> excelled in consistent financial objectives meet by forecasting requirements; preparing budgets; scheduling expenditures; analyzing variances; initiating corrective actions
> drove strong revenue increase by designing in-house scheduling software (2001), as well as contributing to office budget covering capital investments and operational expenses; supporting vendor and contract management, negotiation of contract terms and conditions
> supplementary to the various daily duties, integrally involved to the design/implementation management of CAD infrastructure, organization of technical archive and office library

Key Projects
 Athens Olympics Equestrian Center (Grandstand DD, CA) 75,000 SF $181.0M 2004 Compl.
 Retail Outlet in the Athens Int’l Airport (DD, CA) 130,000 SF $10.2M 2006 Compl.
 Athens Concert Hall (extension DD team) 1,345,000 SF $44.7M 1997 Compl.
 Athens Hilton Hotel, (renovation DD team) 500,000 SF $58.7M 2003 Compl.
 Rion-Antirion Bridge Administration Building (SD) 22,000 SF $10.3M 2004 Compl.
 Archaeological Museum of Rethymnon (conversion DD) 27,000 SF $12.1M 2002 DD
 Archaeological Museum of Messara (DD) 23,000 SF $15.0M 2003 DD
 Unification of Archaeological Sites of Athens (SD, DD, CA) ----- SF $11.8M 1997 Compl.
 424 Military General Hospital (Façades SD, DD, CA) 1,000,000 SF $244.0M 2006 Compl.
 Rehabilitation Center in Attica (Façades SD, DD, CA) 240,000 SF $52.8M 2005 Compl.
 Construction Group Headquarters in Athens (SD, DD, CA) 110,000 SF $20.0M 2001 Compl.
 Ministry Of Development in Athens (DD team) 570,000 SF $42.0M 2001 DD
 Aviation Company Headquarters in Attica (DD team) 136,000 SF $10.5M 1999 DD
 Hellenic Post Sorting Center in Attica (DD team) 265,000 SF $20.3M 1999 DD
 Olympic Airlines Repair Hangar (DD team) 810,000 SF $105.0M 2000 Compl.

Oct 1994 - Apr 2005

Kizis Architects, Athens, GR, Architect, Designer I

Kizis Architects is an Athens based historic preservation studio, directed by Dr Yannis Kizis - professor at the National Technical University of Athens.

Project architect role in landmark buildings restorations throughout Greece, from programming to CDs
> participated during internship in the National Technical University of Athens Rectorate Building restoration research program, engaged to information modelling (BIM), simulation and imaging
> focused on specific design issues, regarding integration of contemporary architecture into historical context, and restoration of monuments

Sep 1990 - Sep 1994


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloníki, Greece, MArch, School of Architecture

AUTh is the largest state-accredited university in Greece. The undergraduate degree programs for architecture / engineering have a min. duration of 5 years. The students receive a Diploma in Architecture / Engineering.

"Athens 1834-1837, Analytic Description and Conditional Tours"
Architectural variations of a virtual tour in the reborn city, based on conceptual models and analytic drawings of the city's initial planning proposal and its two crucial revisions during the aforementioned period. The thesis was concurrent with the architectural competition held for the redesign of the unrealized part of the original planning.

Sep 1984 - Sep 1990

Areas of Specialization