Los Angeles, CA


Yountville R+D

Located in Napa Valley, the design behind Yountville R+D is derived from the forms and materials common to the many wineries throughout the area.  

Wood and stone create a warm and inviting environment with the barrel vaults echoing nearby wineries and recalling oak barrels common to the wine aging process. Interiors are warm and lush defined by wood ceilings and a palette of rich, dark materials including steel structure, a douglas fir ceiling, and walnut casework along with brick flooring all accented by the natural light filtering from multiple sides.

Windows in the dining and outdoor bar areas are designed to disappear using custom painted steel framed operable window systems that pivot or slide, allowing the outdoors to become an integral part of the dining experience. The restaurant is placed at the rear of 1.8-acre site to capitalize on the pastoral views of nearby vineyards and distant mountain. Elegant “Bosque” of trees establishes a central outdoor courtyard and tranquil setting for entry to the restaurant. 

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Status: Built
Location: Yountville, CA, US
Firm Role: Architect