Tharoonaskar Baskaran

Tharoonaskar Baskaran

Union City, NJ, US

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As a highly motivated and intellectually astute graduate of MS. Architecture and Computational Technology from the New York Institute of Technology, I am eager to apply my expertise in advanced technologies and my passion for architecture, rooted in my desire to create sustainable and energy-efficient buildings, and to work with the latest technologies in order to implement principles of green building and sustainable architecture, to the role of Architectural Designer within your esteemed organization. My comprehensive understanding of the integration of computational technologies in the field of architecture, acquired through my graduate studies, has prepared me to bring a unique and invaluable perspective to the design and construction process.

In my graduate program, I have gained a mastery in advanced visualization techniques and 3D modeling software, such as Rhino, Revit, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Vray, Lumion, and Enscape. I have also gained a solid understanding of building information modeling (BIM), generative design, virtual reality, and sustainable design principles. This knowledge and experience in computational technologies will be highly beneficial for the architectural designer role as it will allow me to approach design projects from a technological standpoint, and to optimize and improve design outcomes through the use of AI and machine learning. Additionally, I understand the importance of building codes and regulations, which I have acquired through my work experiences and from my undergraduate studies. These technical skills, in conjunction with my knowledge of project management skills, have equipped me to create efficient, sustainable, and technologically advanced building designs. My graduate studies, however, have allowed me to take my skills and understanding to a new level by providing me the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of the integration of computational technologies.

In addition to my education, I have 2 years and 9 months of experience working as an architectural designer, including 1 year and 3 months of internship experience at CR Narayana Rao where I gained experience in design development, site planning, architectural layout, structural layout, electrical services, site documentation, and coordination. My experience at Om Architect and Planners, where I worked as a junior architect for 6 months and completed 1 year of internship, allowed me to further develop my skills in 3D visualization, furniture and fixture layouts, onsite checking of constructions as per drawings, and site visits. These experiences have allowed me to apply my skills and knowledge in real-world situations and to develop my ability to bring designs to life through the utilization of advanced technologies.


Om Architect and Planners, Chennai, IN, Junior Architect

• Managed full design cycle for residential & commercial projects, from site layout to 3D modeling and construction documentation.
• Coordinated effectively with MEP engineers to integrate MEP layouts into overall design

Jan 2022 - Jun 2022

Om Architect and Planners, Chennai, IN, Intern Architect

• Managed full design cycle for residential & commercial projects, from site layout to 3D modeling and construction documentation.
• Coordinated effectively with MEP engineers to integrate MEP layouts into overall design

Sep 2020 - Aug 2021


• Contributed to the realization of complex large-scale commercial and industrial projects as part of a dynamic 30-person team.
• Distinguished self through exceptional attention to structural details in both detail and construction drawings, elevating project quality standards.
• Exhibited exceptional teamwork and communication skills with collaboration abilities, seamlessly working with cross-functional teams to deliver outstanding results.

Jan 2019 - Mar 2020


New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), New York, NY, US, Masters, Ms.ACT (Master of Science in Architecture , computational Technologies.

• Coursework: Machine Learning (AI), Simulation, Introduction to Big Data, Programming (Python, C#), Computational Design, Robotic System Design, Composite and Responsive Materials, Biomaterials, Material Designs.

Sep 2022 - current

Hindustan Institute Of Technology & Science, Chennai, IN, BArch, Bachelors of Architecture

• Relevant Coursework: Building designs with well-integrated systems, Building Materials and Construction Techniques, Applying principles of Sustainable design.

Jun 2016 - Jul 2021


Graduate Scholarship - $3000, Scholarship

• High level of academic achievements


ISRC Grant – Research Assistantship - $3600, Grant

• For advanced research interests and commitment to sustainability.


SoAD IDC Foundation Scholarship - $5000, Grant

• In recognition of exceptional academic achievements and dedication to the field of architecture and design.


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