Ash Eichenauer

Ash Eichenauer

Los Angeles, CA, US



Hello! My name is Ashley Eichenauer, Ash for short. I grew up in Laguna Beach, CA and ever since I was little I have been making things. I built my first piece of furniture when I was 12 -- it was an overly massive shelving unit to hold all my books and craft supplies.

More than a decade later and I still love building things. Being able to walk through something you have designed is one of the greatest joys I have been fortunate enough to have experienced. 

It is truly amazing what a team of thinkers can accomplish together when 

focused on a common goal. I love working with passionate people from around the world that have a wide range of interdisciplinary skills. 

I am inspired by living in Los Angeles, it is so many different things at once! Everyone can find a place in LA that speaks to them and I love finding all the hidden gems here. 

I look forward to cultivating new experiences and meeting more talented people that I can work with.


University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Bachelors, Architectural Studies

Jun 2017 - Jun 2019

Areas of Specialization