Arthur Danielyan

Arthur Danielyan

Los Angeles, CA, US



Arthur Danielyan graduated from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI_Arch) where he received extensive training from some of the most avant-garde Architects and Designers .

Arthur Danielyan earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (Sci_Arch.) He received extensive training in 2D construction documents and 3D modeling using a variety of Computer Software Programs. He gained valuable experience in Architectural Design and the construction Process from some of the most experienced professionals in his field. Arthur collaborates well with a team and dedicates himself to finishing projects and completing work on time.

Arthur has a background in drafting, drawing and preparing construction specifications, documents in packages for city submittal. He is also a talented sketch artist with conceptual ideas and has a keen sense for creative design.  



Lexington Design + Fabrication, Los Angeles, CA, US, Draftsman

Temporary position as a technical draftsman for detail specifications and design development.

My responsibilities include working with Production Designer's references and specifications to design a variety of mediums such as sketches, renderings, illustrations and study models using Auto/CAD.

Working in a team we fabricate a variety of architectural facades and storefronts. Using skills in structural design, engineering and a broad knowledge of building materials.

Nov 2013 - Feb 2014

SENSING PLACES, Santa Monica, CA, US, Architectural Designer | 3D Modeler

Working with computer software engineers on wireless interactive software technology.

My responsibilities include visualizing and modeling the interior space and furniture in 3D application. I was also responsible for Illustrations of the interactions by mixing technology and architecture.

I have also took on non job related tasks and designed the user interface for the software products and worked with a team to design the company website.

Dec 2011 - Jul 2013

Nextep Design Studios, Glendale, CA, US, Architectural Designer

My Job requirements include Photoshop graphic design and 3D modeling of exterior and interior elevations. Organizing construction documents and design development packages.

My tasks include visualizing of architectural buildings and materials as well as drafting construction documentation.

Jan 2003 - Nov 2007


My responsibilities include revisions of detail drawings for residential and commercial buildings.

Organizing design development packages and construction documents.

I also help prepare final presentation packages. And took responsibility for city submittals and building permits.

Mar 2002 - Apr 2003


Jan 2006 - Apr 2011

Areas of Specialization