Arman Salemi

Arman Salemi

New York, NY, US



The Platform of Motion is a speculative design for the Amazon distribution center at 3rd St and 3rd Ave in Brooklyn, NY, USA. This is architectural experimentation of looking at the future of Amazon’s logistics center as an urban interface right at the moment when Amazon has the initiative to buy the Whole Foods Market and is planning to step into online grocery services. Through our project, we are envisioning a future, where human moments will not be replaced by the fastness of machines, rather human-machine interaction will start to develop a new set of vocabularies to perceive space and visualize architecture. As the basis of our project, we are critically positioning fast automated motions of a logistical urban interface against the “slow” human movements, to discover the moments of conflicts, and to explore the potential that slowness can engender. Thus, the whole system of online delivery of the logistic center slows down. The level of slowing down will be determined by the density of human activity in the informal market on the platform. The more crowded the market becomes, the more online delivery processes slow down. That means whatever is happening in the physical world will start to impact the digital world associated with this space directly.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: My collaborator and I equally researched and developed this dynamic urban design concept. My role in this project was to create diagrams and 3D models with Rhino and Autocad. I used Illustrator and Photoshop to create the section, plan, and elevation pers
Additional Credits: Laka Reacts Competition - 3rd Prize - 2019