Winfred Ho

Winfred Ho

Los Angeles, CA, US


Atlantic City Boardwalk Holocaust Memorial

Along with the millions of lives claimed during the Holocaust, humanity lost theideas, innovations,  and cultures that defined them – they are voices silenced from our collective chorus.

The Atlantic City Boardwalk Holocaust Memorial gives new song to the souls silenced by the Holocaust and global genocide. Two reflecting pools filled with stones memorialize those lost in the Shoah, while the gentle chorus of their voices, personified by thousands of chimes, rises towards the light streaming from above. A path between pools draws visitors away from the busy boardwalk, while the faint, deep concert of chimes draws them to reflect on our collective calling to create a future free from the atrocities inflicted on our multitude of brothers and sisters past. The path  culminates at an eternal flame, burning always as a reminder that our common human spirit can never be extinguished.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Atlantic City, NJ, US
My Role: Member of design team, produced documentation, wrote descriptive commentary.
Additional Credits: Nadya Inauen, Melinda Sanes, HH Fremer Architects