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Vote for Divining LA

By jeremy delgado
Sep 4, '14 1:33 AM EST

Vote for Divining LA.

Divining LA is competing with lots of great proposals as part of the LA2050 challenge.  We'd love your vote for a water-smart future.


We can offset 80% of LA's water needs with conservation, recycling, and storm water. Stormwater alone could meet the needs of almost 2 million Angelenos, relieving strain on the Colorado River, San Joaquin Delta, and Owens Valley. Harvesting local rain water instead of pumping imported snowmelt is like taking 130,000 cars off the road. Let's adapt.


Our vision for 2050 is a city that plans, zones, designs, and builds for local water harvest.  Divining LA is a digital decision-making tool, and a public design challenge, that helps get us there.


Water-smart development in LA has the potential to impact drylands globally.


Support Divining LA with a click.


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