Hong Kong, HK



Arctitudesign Limited was greatly flattered by an invitation to refurbish an apartment at 80 Robinson Road, Mid-Levels West, Hong Kong.

Design concept was inspired by the young couple would spend most of their time on the lounge sofa enjoy movie and music with luxury sound system, which are a best ways to relieve pressure from daily life. Alexander believes an interior architect’s role is to guide owners along and not impose his own design styles on them. When asked how much of the end result is from him and how much from the client, Alexander quips 50:50

Alexander pays tribute to the Contemporary style with philosophy of Environmentally Friendly. “minimize decorative and maximize space“, The main attributes : clarity and harmonious are characterized by clearly spatial arrangement, elegance detail, comfort finishes and functionality. With all of design details, this has also allowed a luxury of space and the polished, simplistic feeling of his distinctive style.

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Status: Built
Location: Hong Kong, HK
My Role: Alexander as a professional Interior Architect duty is to provide a design that is most suitable for the client and that can define the lifestyle they dream of. In this modern, forward-thinking family home, he’s clearly done and far exceeded it.