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Coop de Ville

[Honourable Mention]

Coop de Ville utilizes several design features that make it ideal for an urban or rural setting.

The water collection system is the genesis of this project. It incorporates technologies that exist separately into one design that is both user and ecologically friendly. Using a butterfly roof, rainwater is fed into a collection tank. This tank is connected to a water trough that uses an automatic stop (similar to one found inside a toilet reservoir), to dispense water to the chickens as needed. This water reservoir also acts as a passive heat radiator, absorbing the energy of the sun during the day and radiating it into the hen house at night.

Whether it is a full height entry door, hinged surfaces to gather eggs and clean the nesting boxes, or a removable floor for ease of maintenance or replacement, these different points around the coop allow virtually effortless access by the owner to every corner. In order to ensure they lead a happy and healthy life, the CdV aims to minimize the disruption of the chickens daily activities. Creating a space with ample daylight via a transparent corrugate roof, adequate warm perching space during the night and constant fresh air via cross ventilation is also crucial for the design. The Coop de Ville makes it easier, simpler and more economic for the owner to raise chickens in spite of the hectic pace of city life and ensures that the chickens feel right at home in an urban context.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Cleveland [US-OH]